Berkeley County is rich with history and folklore. Several national figures from the Revolutionary War called Berkley County home. One of the most poplar was General Francis Marion, who is known for creating guerrilla warfare. Our history and people are formed from the early beginnings with the French Huguenots and 24 African tribes – which bought us their customs and traditions and over six Indian Tribes. Landowners used the water ways to trade with pirates and people from the major seaports from all over the world. Historic churches, unique landscapes and legends aided in forging a rich culture and creating an exceptional and fascinating history for Berkeley County.

A culture built on the “old south and infused with the Gullah/Geechee traditions” makes us unique as our exquisite cuisine of shrimp and grits, fried okra, catfish stew, collard greens and pirlou – a rice dish with meat or vegetables with the name coming from the French word pilaf.

With our strong, religious and caring people who during hard times took to the only crop that could produce a living “moonshine”. Even Al Capone came to Berkeley County to buy this money crop, which put food on the table for several families.

Come and enjoy a rich culture and an even richer history of war hero’s and Gullah/Geechee traditions of a strong colorful past.